Discipline and Structure were Learned from Ice Skating for Deborah Driggs

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Discipline and structure were learned from ice skating for Deborah Driggs. As a child, she enjoyed entertaining on the ice and she learned a good deal from ice skating. She soon began working in modeling, hosting, and entertainment business acting. She would later get married and then divorced, having three kids during the marriage. After the divorce, she sought to reinvent herself by making a career for herself. She decided to to pursue a Real Estate license and obtained it within two weeks. She began working with ”Fine Property” at Jess Reid Real Estate, which is in Park City, Utah. During her time selling real estate in Park City, Utah, Deborah Driggs realized that her best skills were organizing and networking.

The real estate market began its down-slide in 2008 and Deborah Driggs once again felt the need to re-invent herself. She took some time off and headed to New York where she immediately set up an interview with the President of Smart Source LLC, who convinced her that if she could sell real estate then she could sell print. Within a couple of weeks she had set up meetings with clients like Revlon, Casa Dragones, CAA, The Pilot Group, and AIG. The President was sufficiently impressed and she was soon appointed Vice President of Business Development, a position in which she was charged with opening doors for the company.

Deborah Driggs once again found that she wanted to have another source of income, however, so she began the process of obtaining her Life Insurance license. She is now licensed in California, New York, Florida, Texas, and Illinois. She has now sold over $4 million as a Life Insurance agent and has an established clientele on the West Coast as in New York and Texas.

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